Join me for your first Snake Diet fast



This video is a little late, Kacy published this video on January 3, but in the attached video she talks about starting a group fast


she runs a group every quarter, so join this one, or the next one, or start your own.


We’re more likely to succeed when we’re going through something with someone else


the basics of the snake diet are as follows:

  • start with a 24, 36, or 72 hour fast
  • 72 hours gets you into ketosis, where your body transitions to burn your own body fat
  • 72 hour fast gives your immune system a quick reset
  • your body fat has toxins in it
  • drink snake juice to make sure you have the salts
  • refeed then start the fast again
  • if you are overweight, keep this cycle going over and over
  • fasting gives you wonderful benefits


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Figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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