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in the linked video Dr. Zyrowski talks about alternate day fasting where you fast every other day.


Sunday you feed

Monday you fast

Tuesday you feed

Wednesday you fast

and on and on and on and on


Zyrowski sites a study from the University of Chicago


This is similar to the 5:2 fasting cycle


in the 2 month study, both men and women

On Feeding days people can eat whenever and whatever they want

on fast day participants at 500-600 calories of whatever they wanted


the average participant lost 12.5 pounds

cardiovascular markers improved

maintained lean body mass

so they just lost fat


Zyrowski suggests that you can do even better than the study

you can do that by following a more healthy option

you can do better by eating whole foods

you can do better by eating a ketogenic diet



continue to do alternate day fasting


if you can, add in some exercise, like a 30 minute walk every day

a 30 minute walk every day reduces heart disease by 90%



how do you decide whether omad or alternate fasting or 16 and 8 is right for you?


Figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


repeat after me:

fasting is life

fasting is life


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