remember Weekends are not YOLO, weekends are planned, they are not free-eating periods


John eats OMAD, the linked video is episode 8 of john’s omad series,




Here are John’s points:


  • most people who talk about OMAD don’t address metabolic slowdown
  • any kind of fasting will slow down your metabolism
  • John eats regular food like chipotle, fairly clean low calorie foods
  • he eats 2-3000 calories, but it LOOKs like he is burning 4000 calories, but he isn’t breaking down muscle
  • he has become more efficient at burning calories
  • long term calorie restriction will
  • John runs marathons and lifts weights and is very muscular, he can do this on low calories
  • with OMAD your metabolism will probably slow down, especially after a few years
  • the amount of calories he can eat in that one meal isn’t that much
  • in some ways that sucks, because its fun to eat more food
  • but in other ways its good because the body is more efficient
  • this might mean that fat loss starts to slow down
  • he thinks that aging has slowed down because you’re putting less miles on your body, because you’re putting less fuel through




Figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


repeat after me:

  • a slower metabolism is okay, and a good thing


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