Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss)


Many people have found that eating a low carb or keto diet has reduced hunger, reduced their insulin levels and made it easier to fast.


Here are Dr. Berg’s


if you’re craving things then probably you’re not in ketosis


once the hunger goes away



don’t eat food unless you’re hungry

living off your fat cells is a good way to go


when you eat, you STOP your fat loss


have some sea salt,

green tea might help


fasting starts when you’ve gone through your glycogen reserves and you start


the benefits of fasting are huge even beyond weight loss


  • stem cell enhancement
  • growth hormone enhancement including growing new brain cells
  • mood comes up
  • inflammation drops
  • autophagy increases
  • improve the immune system


Figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


repeat after me:

fast as long as you can


Crushing Expectations

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