Today’s linked video Dr. Nick talks about eating predominately eggs


here are some of his notes about the egg diet plan:

  • a lot of people are following the egg diet plan losing a lot of weight, feeling great
  • Dr Zyrowski doesn’t think eggs are bad
  • they are completely healthy
  • they are loaded with choline, a,b, & d, antioxidants,their high in fat and protein
  • they have 77 calories per day
  • the diet includes eggs, chicken, fish, and turkey
  • you can also eat eggies & fruit
  • there is more extreme egg diet is where you eat just eggs, for days on end
  • the benefits include weight loss, more energy, and know that it is a clean diet
  • why are people getting good results?
  • a big reason is that you’ve stopped eating the junk, the snacks,
  • some people need a really strict diet to have an easy rule
  • should you follow it for a long time? absolutely not
  • once you do it for a couple of weeks, you can move into a low carb or keto diet
  • Zyrowski doesn’t recommend the extreme egg diet, where you are eating just eggs




Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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When I get the hungries, I do a quick walk and repeat my daily declaration:

when I’m stuck, I’ll change it up


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