remember Weekends are not YOLO, weekends are planned, they are not free-eating periods


John eats OMAD, the linked video is episode 17 of john’s omad series, entitled:

6 Tips To Lose Weight on OMAD & Stop Your Eating Cravings


Here are some notes:

  • if you’re struggling with one meal a day, here are 6 tips to help out
  • one guy wrote in and said he gets cravings all night after he eats supper
  • tip #1 – eat later, so you don’t have later cravings, and you don’t have to sleep on an empty stomach
  • tip #2 – eat clean – what you eat matters, eat chicken, and salmon, a big salad, so you can eat to your hearts content without a ton of calories.  Candy also give you cravings
  • #3 – use fillers – greens like spinach
  • #4 – go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier
  • #5 tip – after you eat your one meal, brush your teeth, this makes it so I can’t eat anymore
  • #6 weight loss = hunger. sometimes you just get hunger, that’s just how the body works, you can get used to it, its not the advice you want to hear



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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When I get the hungries, I do a quick walk and repeat my daily declaration:

omad is so fucking easy, it just works


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