New Week, New streak

4 weeks until memorial day, and I am 4 pounds away from goal

What is your fasting plan this week?

my plan has a 2-day Tuesday and a 2-day Thursday

fast-omad-fast-omad—-then for the weekend: -omad-omad-omad


in the linked video is a fasting success story about Kathleen Morris.

it is so inspirational to see people who have gotten control of their lives and have found that fasting works.  Kayla on six miles to supper has several fasting success stories.


here are some notes:

  • Kathleen lost 52 pounds in 52 weeks
  • Kathleen is published on Amazon including an intermittent fasting book
  • She’s married with 3 kids and 4 grandchildren
  • Kathleen did a 5:2 fast protocol, tried some other protocols, and eventually settled on the OMAD diet
  • Kathleen actually walks 4 miles to work, then 4 back at the end of the day
  • Kathleen got weight gain with menopause
  • loves the quote: get back to your fighting weight!
  • She was extremely inspired by normal people like Kathleen who had success stories using different fasting techniques
  • one challenge is when is enough enough? when do you start into maintenance?
  • its nice to stop counting calories and just be normal
  • its important to live your life and be okay where you’re at
  • once piece of advice: start slowly, experiment, find what works for you
  • don’t listen to naysayers
  • Kathleen eats whatever she wants, she doesn’t want to live her life restricting too much. OMAD is enough





My take: its so  motivating to see people finding success on the same plan that I’m having success with



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch Kayla for the REST OF THE STORY

When I get the hungries, I do a quick walk and repeat my daily declaration:

I can do this.  I can walk a few miles every night before supper


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