here are some notes from the linked video:  fasting vs calorie restriction

  • we have 2 gas tanks
  • the first gas tank is sugar
  • the second gas tank is fat
  • you have to burn through the sugar gas tank to get to the fat gas tank
  • when the sugar is gone, and you burn fat, you go into ketosis
  • the fastest way to get to ketosis is fasting
  • you now have now low insulin and low blood sugar, and the body goes into fat burning mode
  • as you switch from sugar burning to fat burning, you go through detox
  • caloric restriction is very bad for you because it negatively impacts your hormones
  • you’re far better off fasting completely because it positively impacts your hormones
  • Justin cites a study that showed that every biomarker improved more on fasting than on caloric restriction
  • a low carb diet is 71% as effective as fasting without restricting calories




Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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