Dr. Fong starts with a history of different diets many of which were low carb diet including the Banting diet


there’s no correlation between eating higher fat and higher risk of death there’s no evidence that eating more fat is dangerous


The women’s health initiative study had 50,000 women showed eating fat made no difference to heart attacks


In the 90s all fats were bad

So then there was studies of animal fats versus vegetable fats

The health professionals follow up study showed that animal fats were better than vegetable fats


Even saturated fat do not show any more heart disease


Another study showed that the more saturated fat you had the less heart disease you had


Risk of a diabetes is lower with more saturated fat that you eat


When you see all this we called it the French paradox


Of course it wasn’t a paradox not eating fat was just a fad that had no correlation whatsoever to heart disease


The lancet study had on 135,000 people as you eat more fat you eat led to less heart disease risk



As you eat more and more carbohydrates your death rates go up and up


Then Jason talks about the origins of vegetable oil‘s which is just garbage.  vegetable oils were really cheap and they looked like oil, and so we switched to using them


Vegetable oil’s throw off your omega three to omega six ratio


The 1996 Framingham study showed that people eat a lot of margarine were dying switching to vegetable oil’s looks pretty harmful


In 99 we had a lot of evidence that vegetable wells were really harmful


The irony is that for 50 years we told people to stop eating butter and then go to margarine


vegetable oils were shown to be literally poisonous


An extra hundred thousand people died from trans fat based on no evidence whatsoever


the original Nutrition suggestions were never about obesity it was about heart healthy


but we got fatter. so then after that they came out with the energy balance paradigm


What calories in minus calories add is your fat accumulation


But that there is not based on human physiology.




when you spike insulin it blocks fat burning


Insulin causes new fat


Calories have no physiological role

carbs protein and fat each affect the body in different ways.

calories do not.  we always knew this


here’s another way in which physiology plays a role:

There are six or seven satiety mechanisms that stop you from eating none of which are based on calories it’s based on lots of things and there are different based on what kind of food you eat….especially fats and protein help with satiety


and so with the flawed calories in / calories out model,  we blame the person for not having more powers just a collective waste loss of willpower



None of the studies show that calorie restriction actually keeps the weight off


You wind up just blaming the victim they take the advice which doesn’t work and then we blame them instead of the advice


70% of Americans are obese or overweight


Compare that to the 60s or no one’s watching what they eat and there’s no obesity


You could decide not to eat but you can’t decide not to be hungry you can decide exercise more but you can’t decide to have a higher metabolic rate


to summarize, the big three obesity myths

#1: obesity is caused by her jeans

#2 obesity is caused by lack of will power

#3 obesity is caused by lack of exercise



the reality is obesity is a hormonal and not caloric in balance



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