Sometimes motivation comes from your tribe

Here are a few success stories from people on the linked facebook group:


  • Paul moved from obese on the BMI chart to just overweight….that’s 100 pounds down
  • Dionta is down 80 in 20 days
  • there are a bunch of non-scale victories like smaller shirt sizes, pant sizes, better A1C, more energy, less hangry, and just look better in the mirror
  • Debby has been doing OMAD for 4 months
  • Damon is struggling to do his first 48 hour fast
  • Body fat is food
  • Nurse Eric says, walk a little
  • Pete is down 90 pounds
  • Jessica reminds us that when someone says something cannot be done, those are their limits, not yours
  • Some people eat keto, some do not
  • some have 6 hour eating windows, some omad, some do multiple day fasts
  • it’s better when we fast together



The fasting group has several training videos that can also help to keep me motivated



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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