The linked video compares Keto to Intermittent Fasting, here are some notes:


  • both keto and IF get results for people
  • because many health problems are due to insulin resistance
  • the keto diet reduces carbs so much that the body starts burning fat
  • a byproduct of eating less carbs means you don’t need as much insulin so the body slowly heals, and becomes more resistant to insulin
  • intermittent fasting is similar because when you’re not eating at all, you’re not eating carbs
  • it’s a good idea to use IF and keto together
  • the most insulin response is from carbohydrates, because they are absorbed quickly and they raise blood sugar
  • the worst is sugar and refined grains
  • insulin is a storage hormone—it tells your body to store sugar as fat
  • this can also cause us to get hungry more quickly which causes us to eat more frequently
  • eating frequently is bad because its telling your body to store all day long
  • but if we eat fats and protein, they are absorbed more slowly and have a lower insulin response
  • there’s more balance between storage and usage
  • you’re fuller longer
  • so you eat fewer meals you might even skip breakfast or supper
  • you get fewer cravings
  • you aren’t hungry as often
  • create habits around this way of eating over the course of a few months
  • to grow into intermittent fasting, start by skipping snacks, then move into 2 meals a day with a 15 hour fasting window, and keep pushing the fasting window to 20 or 24 hours
  • play with it, see what works for you


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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