in the linked video Mike Mutzel summarizes 4 new studies about working out fasted:


there is some conflicting information


the first study utilized a One hour energy session in a fasted state increases oxidation over the next 24 hours




its important to know that fat oxidation isn’t necessarily fat loss


this study demonstrated that exercise should be done before breakfast after a 12 hour fast


He found another study that showshow the body will adapt overtime


this study was four weeks long


The people did three sessions of cardio a week comparing fasted cardio to Fed cardio.  this didn’t show any additional fat loss


Mike believes that if you’re in a glycogen deficit that it makes a difference


This tells your body to start burning fat


Glycogen depletion seems to start a switch in the body too bad but it hasn’t been proven


It does seem that after a meal your fat cells want to hold on to what it has it takes about six hours to create lipolysis that you achieve in a fasted state


All things being equal do cardio when you can doesn’t have to be before or after you read but just get some inertia get some momentum going


And try it out yourself





Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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