Drew manning did fit to fat to fit a few years ago


Drew wanted to get into the mindset of his patients


Drew wanted to figure out what his clients were doing because he had never been overweight


He gained 75 pounds in six months and then lost it in six months

It was a huge mental and emotional journey


True really saw how people get stuck eating bad food and not wanting to work out and not wanting to change


How do you create new habits


Will power doesn’t work we need good habits


For example if you’re an emotional eater and you probably can’t keep junk food around



To gives us some hints on how to work with family members maybe go to the gym together or go for a walk together


When you start eating healthy your mind works differently and it helped you work with family members and friends


Drew says to help change your perception would help him fitness to need to look like


Your version of Health is going to look different than my version of helping I thought about looking a certain way


Focus on the process and healthy habits and see where that takes you hopefully you can run and jump and do the things that you want to do


Tony Robin says there’s only one reason to commit to a healthy lifestyle and that’s to have insane energy


Maybe change your focus it shouldn’t necessarily be and wait


If you’re trying to lose weight focus on diet first and exercise second


Exercise doesn’t do a lot for overall weight loss


The goal is not weight loss it’s fat loss and lifting weights can help with that


Resistance training also may help with stem cell creation


When it comes to die try different things find out what works for you and variation is key


Drew has a new book called complete keto came out a few months ago


Who talks about different types of keto target keto cyclic keto maybe doing keto twice a year




Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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