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Dr. Cywes is a surgeon who focuses on bariatric surgery.

He started seeing patterns.

after bariatric surgery people lose weight for 2-3 years, many people gain the weight back or become malnourished


he is trying to understand the factors that are causing obesity


he says:

it is impossible to get fat from eating food

there is something that we call food, but really isn’t – its carbohydrates sugar and starch

many people eat carbs out of control—just like the way that smokers smoke

every obese person Dr Cywes met eat carbs too much and too often

ubiquitously, every obese person has a dysfunctional way that they handle their emotions


all of his patients have tried every other weight loss, but nothing works


in order to build a effective emotion management skill, you have to put effort into something


food doesn’t make us fat

food has a really good feedback system that tells us when we’re full, we eat to satiety then we stop

but chips, cookies, snacks—we’ve always got room for those


I’m not eating, I’m relaxing, I’m doing the equivalent of crystal meth


Dr Cywes never uses the word diet, this is a lifestyle change

the first thing he does is find the reason the person got heavy in the first place


get out of the calories in calories out mindset

this is a substance abuse problem


because carbs is a drug, but in humans there is no feedback control

when your brain says you’re thirsty, you drink water very quickly, your thirst is quenched and you stop drinking

you don’t crave more water



alcohol has no natural feedback, so people don’t naturally feel they should stop, you have to consciously decide to stop


carbohydrates are exactly the same thing, they are a drug, we consume for the endorphin value, that are not nutritionally necessary, we will not die if we don’t eat carbs

and there is no negative feed back to tell us to stop eating carbohydrates


so we eat a massive amount of carbs and we overeat


we’ve been eating fat as a resource for millions of years, so we have an excellent feedback system that says we’re done.

you don’t have to do portion control, your body does it for you


eat sequentially, eat small portions over a slower period of time, not how much is in front of you


you don’t need intentional caloric


connect back to my feedback pathways, and once you do, you can’t get fat from eating food


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