memorial day weekend is just a few days away!

What is your fasting plan this week?

my plan has a 2-day Tuesday this week and OMAD all the other days.



The linked talk by Cynthia is


Choices we make on nutrition are profoundly impactful on our health


We used to say exercise more, eat less

This is ineffective for many patients


Our lifestyle choices impact healthfulness and weight gain


You do not have to accept weight gain as a natural part of aging

In the 70s, Americans ate 3 meals/day with no snacks


Now we snack all day long—- REALLY


Eating all day long is wrong

It overtaxes our pancreas and digestive system, so it can’t work properly


There is a debate over carb burners vs. fat burners

Carb burners are frequently hungry, hangry, energy dips, and struggle more with weight loss and weight

This is because with frequent eating and eating carbs creates insulin


Fat burners lose weight easier sleep better, age more slowly



Meal timing and what we eat are crusial


2/3 of women 40-50 yo are overweight and half are obese



Women in 50s and 60s gain 1.5 lbs/year

Could be partly hormones and lack of muscle



Cynthia says nothing is more powerful than intermittent fasting

It helps with weight loss, self esteem, and a way back to their former selves

Its free, flexible and simple


When we fast, we tap into fat stores

If you skip breakfast, you can reduce calories by 20-30%


Cynthia recommends fasting for 16 hours every day, and only eat in an 8 hour window

Insulin is low

Spikes human growth hormone

Increases autophagy

Blood pressure improves

Cholesterol profile is improved

Cancer risk  is reduced

Alzheimers risk is reduced


You can still drink water, plain coffee or tea


When you eat, focus on real whole foods

High quality protein

Healthy fats


Reduce bread and pasta

Limit sugar and alcohol

Give it a solid 30 days to find out if it is right for you



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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