You should have a doctor you consider a learned health partner

Someone you trust

Someone who knows what keto and fasting are


You don’t need a doctor daddy or a medical boss, but you need a health partner


Its not your fault that you got this way, but it is your problem

Like if you meet a drunk driver on the highway, that’s not your fault, but it is your problem


The laws of human nature apply to doctors too:

The law of the instrument, if you have a hammer, every problem is a nail

A doctor’s hammer is his prescription pad

Supplements and real salt make them nervous

A surgeon might want to give you bariatric surgery


The law of remuneration

Doctors have to pay the bottom line, pay the staff, money is important

Doctors might want to make sure you come back


The law of the shortcut

Doctors interrupt, and just give you a prescription

If you make a doctor think, that makes them uncomfortable

If you bring in something from the internet….

A good doctor should be happy that you’re interested in your own health



The law of correlation

When 2 things are tightly correlated, people think that one causes the other

But sometimes this is a coincidence

It happens in medicine all the time

Many nutritional studies show correlation but have nothing in common

Correlation does not mean causation



A big lie is easier to believe than small lie

The cover of time, tom brokaw and tv telling the same lie, means, it must be true, right?


The echo of the lie

Some health advice has changed,

But people still keep telling the old advice.



When you’ve heard the same lie over and over, you eventually believe it


Doctors have to uphold the community of care

They have to give the same advice of all the other doctors out there.

They don’t want to lose their medical license

Doctors never get in trouble for putting patients on statins

For 1000 years, bleeding and using leaches was the standard of care



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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