in the linked video Dr. Beth gives some tips on how to get fit faster, especially for women, here are my notes:


  • she does occasional 5 day challenges, this can help motivate us to fast together
  • any movement is good, don’t get stressed about what exercise is better at burning fat
  • Dr Beth suggest using TABATA
  • you can do it anytime anywhere, just 5 minutes at a time
  • taylor it down and build up from the bottom
  • TABATA is 20 seconds on, and 10 seconds of rest – do 2 reps and that’s a minute
  • you can set what you’re doing, the intensity, and the number of reps
  • try doing jump squats for 20 seconds
  • start with 4 exercises in different planes
  • perhaps lunges, then pushups, then go up and do high knees, and finish with bicycles
  • you’re up then face down, then your up, then on your back
  • if you can do 4 times through, that’s only 8 minutes of exercise
  • you can do this multiple times a day
  • add in core strengths, bands, hand weights
  • there are apps for this as well


this gets you in shape faster-good for days when you just need to do something


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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there’s no limit to what you can do


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