the linked video is 5 ways to turn belly fat into body heat – which is brown fat activation, here are my notes:

  • you can do one, some, or all of these tricks
  • brown adipose tissue takes in energy and immediately creates heat
  • uncoupling protein 1 in brown fat is like a battery that gets really hot
  • DeLauer sites a study that sitting in a cold room, showed that people created more brown fat and after 6 weeks, it burned 289 more calories than before the study began
  • you can do this by taking cold showers, set your thermostat down,
  • way #2 is to add turmeric to coffee and food
  • you turn your body into a fat burning furnace
  • way #3 is to go deep into ketosis for a period of time, this increases the size of the mitochondria in brown fat by 60% so we take the brown fat we have and have it make more heat
  • #4 is high intensity training, this increases irisin, which tells white to fat burn just a little more heat
  • #5 is to do a 24 hour fast, which increases vascular growth factor, which helps you create more blood flow and this in turn shifts white fat to brown fat





Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch DeLauer for the REST OF THE STORY

do it do it do it…..Fasting, deep ketosis, cold therapy, turmeric, and/or HIIT training


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