in the linked video, Cdub talks about how he lost 125 pounds with OMAD

  • He does OMAD 6 days a week, and does a 48 hour fast from Sunday night until Tuesday night
  • Sunday night would be a great meal
  • Then not eat until Tuesday
  • on Thursday his 23 hour fast was a dry fast…so no water or food
  • he was able to stay consistent
  • once he got in the swing of it, it was really easy to stay on track
  • you don’t need to jump into all of that, but start with OMAD
  • if you add in the 48 hour fast, it will help break through a plateau
  • if you end up overeating a couple of those omads, the 48 hour fast will keep you in a weekly deficit


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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