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what is the driving force behind snacking?

Dr. Cywes says a snack is ALWAYS an emotional event, a snack is NEVER a nutritional event


a snack is something we consume for our emotions that contains calories


we use a snack like a smoker smokes

about every 20 minutes, our brain tells us we need to relax


an obese person relaxes by eating a snack, and a snack is almost always carbohydrates


6 or more meals a day is not how we were meant to eat

and you get blood sugar highs and lows from eating carbs this way


now when you’re in ketosis, insulin is as low as it can get, and that keeps us from getting hungry and from wanting a snack


Dr. Cywes gets his patients to replace the snack with something they can drink that doesn’t contain calories

could be a sip of black coffee, or seltzer, or water, or tea


understand the emotional management effect that people had with food, and find a replacement


some people can pray, some can go for a walk, but you want to find something that gives a small endorphin rush


even keto snacks are not okay



Dr Cywes also talks about when patients eventually choose weight loss surgery, some are temporary like the gastric balloon, some are permanent


if you’re able to stick with it, you can break your bad habits, and when they make mistakes, the mistakes aren’t bad enough that you gain all the weight back


Most patients do not need surgery, they can do this with other methods


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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