the linked video is to Snake Diet guy Cole

spoiler warning…he’s a bit of a potty mouth, but he motivates the hell out of me

he’s particularly good for people who have a lot to lose, post accountability pics on his facebook page

or anywhere, this is important


here are my notes from coles video titled how to lower body fat set point:

  • hey fatty
  • #1 get fucking ripped, stay fucking ripped
  • you have to stay there
  • get your body used to being a ripped machine
  • use discipline
  • consistency is key
  • losing weight is a joke
  • do your homework –learn


There are 2 ways to do it:

#1:  strict OMAD – figure out your maintenance calories by watching the scale

Cole suggest eating the first part of the day, so you have energy during the day

count your calories and macros until you figure out your maintenance

weigh in every morning.  don’t let it play mind games, just make it work


the second way to do it –  do 48 hour fasting

still eat early in the day

you don’t have to count calories

lift weights on the days you eat

everyone should be still cutting on this routine



the longer you maintain being ripped, your body fat set point will drop




Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch Cole for the REST OF THE STORY

get ripped and stay ripped !


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