Happy June

New Month, what worked in May?

what are you going to do in June?

Happy Summer

Working on that beach bod


What’s your plan this week?

Mine is a 2-day Tuesday and a 2 day Thursday

I am master of the 48 hour fast


I had supper last night, and will fast until supper Tuesday, that’s the first 48 hour fast

So that’s one meal on Tuesday, one meal Wednesday, then another 48 hour fast over Thursday

and OMAD, OMAD, OMAD on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


There’s a graduation party on Friday, so that’s my omad then

regular supper Saturday after a hike

and a hike and brunch with friends on Sunday


plan my eats, then eat my plan

I weigh myself every day

journal the days, I want to understand why I went off the rails

then add in habits that help me

perhaps better snacks

perhaps bigger meals

have those no-calorie drinks ready

make sure that I can go for a walk when the hunger pangs set in


this isn’t easy for me

but I really like OMAD and 48 hour fasts because I can have dinner with friends, eat as much as I want without worrying about the weight or health issue


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


if you have some ideas for me, please add some comments at fastingmotivation.com

Be a master of the 48 hour fast




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