The linked video is 5 things I wish I knew about intermittent fasting, here are my notes:

  • longevity and consistency and sustainability are key in the success of anything, especially health, weight loss
  • #1 carbonated water actually reduces hunger, you feel more full
  • the fizzle seems to suppress appetite in the brain
  • carbonated water is equally healthy as regular water
  • #2 is the metabolic switchover, going into a fasted state is important
  • just because you’re not eating doesn’t mean you’re in the fasted state
  • it takes about 12 hours to switch over, making the hormonal state
  • getting 20 to 23 hours of fasting is more effective than 16
  • 12 hour fasting window may not get you to switchover
  • #3 is action chunking….individual habits influence the next habit
  • do the routine over and over and over –
  • a full sequence of events makes each habit easier
  • #4 breaking the fast with the right foods is important
  • low glycemic foods are good
  • foods with water in them are good
  • some fiber is good
  • #5 is flexibility
  • you don’t have to stick to a specific regiment
  • going a little further than a 20 hour warrior fast or the 23 hour OMAD fast
  • Edward switches back and forth and calls it the Warmad diet, ha ha



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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