The linked video is 4 most common muscle building mistakes, here are my notes:

  • #1 mistake is avoiding cardio
  • cardio does not break down muscle
  • cardio makes your mitochondria more efficient
  • Thomas sites an 8 week study that showed that cardio made your muscle 40% stronger
  • #2 mistake is using Branch chain amino acids too much
  • Thomas thinks BCAAs can be used after a workout, but during a workout, it can blunt your energy
  • #3 mistake is not getting enough omega 3 fats, just 4 grams per day can help a lot
  • the sited study showed there is a 50% increase in muscle, just by having omega 3s available
  • He recommends steak after a workout, because it has vitamin A
  • #4 mistake is eating a big meal right after a workout, the metabolic window is 24 hours, you can build muscle from food for a long time
  • the most muscle synthesis happens at about 24 hours after a workout
  • and don’t combine fats and carbs




Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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