the linked video is to Snake Diet guy Cole, he swears some, here are my notes from the first 30 minutes

  • hey fatty
  • just start fasting
  • do 48 hour fasts, eat on a training day, early in the day, fast on the other day
  • beef jerky can help you stay in ketosis
  • if you can build up to 72 fasts, do that, then go longer if you really need to
  • take it day by day and enjoy the process
  • be selfish about your health, you can’t put other people’s happiness before your health
  • when you refeed find foods that have resistant starch to feel full without eating too many calories
  • fast as long as it takes to get color on the keto pee strips
  • tiny meals all day like the biggest loser or weight watchers reduces metabolism
  • fasting reduces metabolism while you’re fasting
  • but when you eat, your metabolism bumps right back up
  • it takes discipline, but fasting makes it easier
  • fasting helps beat the eating addiction
  • Cole believes you should eat more than 20% of your calories in protein, for this reason keto macros are not good
  • its much harder to build muscle on keto.
  • once you’re down to your maintenance weight, eat carbs to put on muscle
  • getting into ketosis through fasting is enough
  • straight keto macros aren’t necessary
  • break longer fasts with baking soda first, a teaspoon in a liter of water, let that settle, because it cools the kidneys down
  • then eat small meals, build your meal perfectly before you refeed
  • men should be 10% body fat


that’s just the first 30 minutes



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch Cole for the REST OF THE STORY

do 48 hour fasts until you’re lean, then one meal a day


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