in the linked video the Keto Kamp guy answers a bunch of questions, the video has timestamps, so you can scan the questions to find what you’re looking for.


here are my notes:

  • he starts with a story about Romans accidentally discovering the keto diet
  • Ketones were used with epileptic children in the 20s
  • amino acids may break your fast, especially if it has leucine, you can test this for yourself by testing your blood sugar
  • too much protein can kick you out of ketosis
  • the keto diet helps with fat loss, there are 8 fat burning hormones, but only 1 fat storing hormone
  • if insulin is spikes, all the fat burning hormones are suppressed
  • if you combine keto with fasting, you’ve got an amazing 1-2 punch
  • eating fat is not bad for you: more people die from heart disease with normal to low cholesterol than with high cholesterol
  • we find cholesterol with arteriosclerosis because its there to heal the issues with the arteries
  • blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like saying that every time I see a fire, there are fire trucks there. the fire trucks must be causing the fire
  • your brain is 3 times more efficient running on ketones than on sugar
  • if you skip a meal, and you’re hangry, you’re a sugar burner
  • if you skip a meal and you’re fine, you’re a fat burner
  • you can also measure with keto mojo
  • sleep is really important especially between 10pm and 2am


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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