warning cole is a swearbox

the linked video is title snake diet 321 weight loss protocol

here are my notes:

  • fast for 72 hours minimum on snake juice,
    • when you’re maybe 20 pounds overweight, and the 72s are hard, switch to 48 hour fasts
    • and then 24 hour fasts when you’re lean
  • for fat people
    • refeed with 500 calorie low carb, like a small piece of meat and some green vegetables.
    • eat in the first half off the day refeed routines for the
  • for the gym rat
    • refeed 500-1000 calories in
    • eat in the first half of the day 3-4 hours before the workout
    • train on the days that you eat
    • eat lean meats and high carb fruits and roots
    • when you go to bed, most of that food should be gone


play around with it, adjust it, figure


when you get lean, make this a lifestyle, so you don’t gain the weight back

  • continue 48 hour and 24 hour fasts


this routine is more sustainable than longer fasts


when you fast, get the snake juice in


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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I am a master of the 48 hour fast


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