the linked video is titled: 5 things you should always do when intermittent fasting

here are my notes:

  1. have a fasting window that is at least 16 hours, 12 hours is not enough, remember 8 hours is while you sleep, you can fast for another 8 hours before and after you sleep, the benefits don’t start until 12 hours. there is a study linked in his video
  2. use IF as many days a week that you can. if you don’t for 2 days to keep it sustainable.  IF seems to increase your metabolism according to human study.  this is better than a daily calorie deficit.  the more days you fast the better.  and it retains your muscle
  3. create a fasting regimen around your lifestyle we want to do this for the rest of our life.  that is the most important factor.  if not fasting on Saturday and Sunday is important for you and your family, then do that
  4. add exercise. resistance training and cardio.  giving the physical signals to tell your body to retain and build muscle is very important.  fasting and exercise work together
  5. stay hydrated. remember food itself contains a lot of water, so if you’re not eating, you’re missing out on that.   dehydration can cause headaches.  so be aware of that symptom


that’s it, the 5 sthings you should always do when intermittent fasting.


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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