oh SCRAP warning cole uses colorful F-ing language

the linked video is cole’s Q&A from June 11

here are my notes:

  • post your accountability pictures on Cole’s facebook
  • when you get the dexa scan, go in fasted
  • fasting will heal your kidneys from constant high blood sugar
  • type 2 diabetes is a joke, beat it with fasting
  • drinking snake juice should take all day—don’t drink it too fast
  • people need structure use the 321 structure
    • start with 3 days fasting between refeeds
    • then when you get to 20 pounds away, go to 2 days
    • then when you’re lean, do 1 day fasting—that’s eating once a day
  • cole doesn’t believe you should eat dairy to cure ulcers
  • to find out the right calorie intake, you should experiment with scale feedback, eat one meal a day, at lunch. if you lose, eat more.  maybe start at 1000 calories low carb
  • fasting is not a contest, its not about fasting really long days. you don’t want to yo-yo diet
  • stick to 48 hour fasts with a low carb healing routine. it will heal.
  • as long as you’re going forward you’re good
  • don’t be afraid of the gym, just get there



that’s the first 20 minutes, there’s another 50 minutes that you can listen to



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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