and we are now into the second half of 2019.

where are we on our new years resolutions?


Did the plan for June plan work?

What does my journal say?  take some time and do a retrospective tonight.

When I fell off the plan, was I fasting the very next day?


how hungry was I?


Can I step it up to the next level?


Is the next level sustainable for the long term?


what tricks do I have when I am hungry?


am I making progress?  at least ½ pound every week, no matter what?


Goals for July are about finding the food rules that work for me.


what rules do I have that I just don’t break?

  • No food ‘til supper
  • do a 30 minute workout every single day
  • always keep it under 100 carbs a day – 25 for keto’ers
  • do I track 100% of the food that I eat?


I always 100% of the time, every single time, stop my car when I am at a red light

I always 100% of the time, every single time, follow my eating rules

it makes it easy


what habit chains do I have?

  • wake up
  • weigh myself
  • get outside for a 30 minute walk and listen to podcasts
  • plan my supper for that night


when I get home for work, what habit chain do I have then?

  • don’t even go home, change clothes go right to the gym
  • right


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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