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8 awesome WATER FASTING activities


here are my notes:

  • you may want to do a bone broth cleanse
  • #1 sunbathing and uv radiation, get outside, get some fresh air, it really helps with hunger
  • #2 be social, reach out to people that make you feel good, being supported is important
  • #3 do artistic stuff like music
  • #4 yoga, straight up, there are many styles, its great for lymphatic and gut health, and doesn’t use a ton of energy
  • #5 do nothing, relax,
  • #6 be a shower whore, take a bath, olive oil bath, oatmeal bath
  • #7 just go for a long drive, get some good music, this works well if you are planning a drive, you can schedule the water fast for the portion of the drive
  • #8 Rob says to pair your water fast with some deep cleansing like a coffee enema



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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