Happy Fourth of July—

if you’re keto, this is one of the greatest eating days of the year.

if you’re not, like me, keep your eating window to 4 hours

and don’t snack!


the linked video is titled:

3 simple rules of intermittent fasting [MUST WATCH FOR BEGINNERS]


here are my notes:

  • these 3 simple rules

rule #1:

  • get keto adapted first, it tells your body how to utilize fat. this creates metabolic flexibility, so when your sugar stores are gone, the body knows to switch to fat
  • nasty cravings are an indicator that you are not metabolically flexible


rule #2:

  • know the difference between cravings and hunger
  • the ghrelin hormone makes you hungry, that will go away
  • keep yourself occupied with a walk or some other activity
  • ride the ghrelin wave and get through it


rule #3:

  • don’t eat less, eat less often
  • we are designed for feast famine cycle
  • eat until you’re full
  • eat protein
  • remind your body that you’re not starving



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Watch Ben Azadi at Keto Kamp for the REST OF THE STORY

go keto, crash through cravings, and feast !


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