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Keto & Fasting : The Link Between The Two


here are my notes:

  • the ketogenic diet and fasting are pretty much the same thing
  • when you eat carbs your blood sugar will go up and down and mood goes up and down
  • on keto diet everything is much more stable
  • fasting is easier when you’re on a keto diet because you’re in the same state
  • whether you’re on keto or fasting, you’re running on fat
  • the difference is where is that fat coming from? food or your body
  • in both cases you get into the ketogenic state
  • all the benefits of a keto diet are magnified when fasting
  • you can get fat adapted easier by prolonged fasting
  • your appetite is lowered on both of these protocols
  • if you don’t want to count calories on the keto diet, you don’t necessarily have to
  • you can combine keto and fasting seamlessly
  • a good way to do it is to get into ketosis then dial up and dial down the food


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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