What’s your fasting plan this week?

I will do a two day Tuesday, and every other day: omad omad omad


the linked video is titled:

5 Simple Rules for Getting a Lean Body (DO THESE!)


here are my notes:

  • these rules are simple
  • but don’t mistake simple with consistency, simple doesn’t mean easy
  • if you put in the work, its absolutely 100% worth it
  • #1 don’t let one bad meal turn into a bad day, which turns into a bad week, and into a bad month. no one is perfect, learning how to get back on track right away is the key to success.
  • #2 always plan for the worst by hoping for the best. 5 minutes spent planning can make a world of difference no matter what situation you’re going into, vacation, weekend, a wedding, whatever it is
  • #3 when in doubt keep things as simple as possible. simplicity is underrated for fat loss and building muscle  complexity is the enemy of execution.  focus on a simple routine you can keep consistent.
  • #4 surround yourself with people who are on the same journey. they can be online.  it helps to educate yourself
  • #5 success can be really boring then it gets really interesting
  • when you start everything is new and exciting
  • then motivation and novelty start to fade away
  • repetition becomes boring
  • this is where most people give up
  • but you have to plow through the boredom
  • indifference as you persist, and you form new habits
  • then you learn to enjoy the process and become passionate about it
  • don’t give up too early
  • the key to long term success is really to enjoy the process



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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