today’s video part 1 of a 5 day video series titled:

5 day fasting challenge – getting started

Elliott Hulse built up to a 10 day fast in the past and lost 40 pounds, then put it the muscle back on


here are my notes:

  • he is starting a group to do a 5 day fasting challenge
  • Elliott and Cole did a video together a few weeks ago
  • a 5 day fasting challenge is a bridge to prolonged fasting
  • prolonged fasting helps reset, promote healing, create autophagy
  • the next videos will include:
  • #2: the prefasting protocol to help us feel good while we’re fasting
  • #3 is a 5 day fasting template that includes omad and nomad
  • #4 training while fasting
  • #5 supplements
  • and a bonus roadmap


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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