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top 10 cleanest fast food keto options


here are my notes:

  • Chipotle – they have steak, add on sour cream, cheese, and guacamole
  • in-n-out buger – you can order a burger protein style
  • at 5 guys, you can have a lettuce wrap around your bugers and add bacon, cheese, or mayo
  • at taco bell, they have the mini skillet bowl mmmm or a power menu bowl
  • whatabruger has gargarden salads or a grilled chicken melt without the bread
  • at subway, turn any sandwich into a salad
  • jimmy johns has the unwhich with so many kinds of their meets
  • mcdonalds has burgers without the buns
  • at kfc, get the grilled chicken, thighs, drumsticks, breast, Caesar salad
  • chick-fil-a has grilled chicken nuggets
  • Panera has a power breakfast egg bowl with steak
  • burger king of course has their grilled burgers-just avoid the bun and the ketchup
  • carls jr has a ½ pound thick burger—get that lettuce wrapped



Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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