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building muscle while fasting for 15 days


here are my notes:

  • there’s so much to learn about the human body
  • people think about the body as a bank account, calories in calories out and you need to eat protein to build muscle
  • but the human body is more like a chemistry set, you can be the alchemist of your own body
  • for example, the placebo effect heals people because the brain believes it so much, that the brain creates its own chemicals to heal the body
  • George has been having just water, and a little bit of juice every day for 15 days
  • #1 you need to exercise and train to build muscle. George has been kick boxing and lifting weights pushing muscle to failure
  • George does the wim hof method of breathing
  • he visualizes himself fit with muscle
  • he has great sleep – there are routines to get the absolute best quality sleep possible
  • do your own research, learn more
  • get outside, the sun is a great way to get natural healing, even if its just 10 minutes, watch the sunset
  • get out in nature, some studies show its more effective in lowering blood pressure than taking drugs
  • use everything at your disposal to be healthy
  • a long fast once a year is great to get a reset, clean out the digestive system
  • George’s #1 goal is optimum health


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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