today’s video part 2 of a 5 day video series titled:

5 day fasting challenge – getting started


here are my notes:

  • you don’t want to just jump into a fast, you want to prepare yourself

#1, get some measurements, so you know that you are getting some results

  • get some pictures front and side
  • weigh yourself
  • measure your waist around your belly button

#2 blood work

  • this is optional, but this is something we should do even without fasting
  • you can go to even without a doctor
  • the book ketofast the book by dr. mercola gives some suggestions
    • vitamin D
    • red blood count
    • fasting insulin
    • ferritin
    • c reactive protein
    • homocysteine
    • nmr lipoprofile
    • cholesterol
    • testosterone

#3 get into ketosis

or at least have ketogenic meals

this will prevent from cannibalizing muscle


  • get some keto pee strips to help you identify if you’re in ketosis
  • there’s also a blood ketone reader, that also tests blood sugar
  • try inspiration through education
  • read some books
  • consume some content
  • Elliiot gives a bunch of suggested readings like Jason Fungs complete guide to fasting








Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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