today’s video part 3 of a 5 day video series titled:

5 day fasting challenge – templates


here are my notes:

  • this is about when you feast and when you fast
  • this is a process to build us up to get the ability to do long prolonged fast
  • this is to build some disciple
  • this will strengthen you character, your resolve
  • this particular 5-day template begins on Monday
  • so have your last meal the night before
  • on Monday, will be a NOMAD – which is no meal on that day, no eating on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Then one meal a day on Tuesday and Friday, with a small eating window, somewhere 2-4 hours
  • we are emotionally addicted to eating
  • we “fix” any kind of discomfort with eating
  • we have to face our demons, battle our inner dialog of always needing stuff
  • that first day of not eating, of NOMAD, is very important, it’s a mental game
  • physically, we go through a detoxification process that makes you feel pretty bad
  • if you want to fix a road, that’s in shambles, with lots of potholes, first thing you do, you stop traffic
  • same with your body, stop the food, let your body heal, let the body clean up
  • fasting stimulates autophagy, stem cell production
  • you want to put some salts in your water to keep your electrolytes up
  • This template gives you a 36 hour fast followed by a three day fast


Lets figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


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