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What Is A Good Fasting Routine For Lean & Healthy People


Here are my notes:

assuming you’re healthy there are 2 options

  1. omad routine, fast for 22-23 hours a day
  2. 48 hour routine with a 2-3 hour eating window


Shameen says that calories in vs. calories out do matter

its easy to gain weight on OMAD if you’re not watching it


OMAD is great for

  • building muscle
  • maintaining weight
  • cutting


using OMAD to build muscle

  • eat earlier in the day
  • train later
  • eat proper nutrition including plenty of protein


omad breakfast helps to keep from cheating, you’re more disciplined and you can be consistent


to cut, make sure you’re in a slight caloric deficit and do some low intensity exercise




fasting on 48s:

  • requires a lot of discipline
  • you have to eat a lot in one sitting
  • Shameen says to only train on the days that you eat
  • just like omad, its better to train a little more to get into a calorie deficit
  • with 48s its really hard to gain weight, so this might be better for people who can do it.



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.



Breakfast OMAD is more effective than supper omad


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