What’s your fasting plan this week?

I will do a two day Tuesday, and every other day: omad omad omad

this is the first Monday of the month, reflect back on what worked and what didn’t in July.

I need to learn and put in some habits that keep me from falling down in August




The linked video is titled:

When Intermittent Fasting Stops Working


Here are my notes:

  • here are some thin gs that Kayla says to try:
  • first do a quick reality check, use BMI and waist measurements, maybe you’re in a healthy range
  • then get honest with yourself
  • really really honest
  • are you still consistent?
  • maybe theres stress or a bad habit, something you can change
  • try to be consistent for 10 weeks
  • plateaus happen


if this still doesn’t help, maybe you need to tweak your plan

  • it should be small
  • sustainable
  • keep it consistent
  • life long changes
  • weigh yourself every day, watch your 7 day average




Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.



watch Kayla for the rest of the story


Repeat after me:

be consistent, B E consistent







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