are you doing a 2-day fast with me today?


The linked video is titled:

OMAD TIPS – Top 10 Tips for Eating One Meal a Day


Here are my notes:

  1. go for long walks
  2. have a pinch of salt first thing in the morning
  3. wait 3 hours after waking up before drinking your first cup of coffee
  4. stay active, stay productive
  5. avoid artificial sweeteners, they’re not that bad, but they could cause sugar cravings
  6. train at the end of your fast, it preserves more muscle mass
  7. plan what you’re going to eat
  8. have an early OMAD, research doesn’t show any difference, but eating 4 hours before bed gives Siim better results
  9. have nutrient dense foods, eat slow
  10. change it up. omad is effective, but changing it up once in a while to keep your body more metabolically flexible




Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


watch Siim for the rest of the story


Repeat after me:

omad just works.


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