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7 Cardio Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss


Here are my notes:

  1. mistake is not varying the intensity. this conditions the heart to get really efficient.  benefits come from being challenged.  some days go a little easier, some days go harder.  you don’t want working out to be easy
  2. mistake is not lifting heavy enough, not cross training, and not changing body movement up. try stairs, cross fit,
  3. mistake is working from a heart rate, like getting to 160 bpm. its not a bad way to measure your workout, but remember sleep, stress and weather impacts heart .  maybe heart rate variability is a better measurement
  4. mistake is doing cardio with lifting. this slows down the lifting gains, and reduces your creatine levels.  DeLauer says to segregate cardio and lifting.  don’t sacrifice lifting for cardio
  5. mistake is doing cardio on a full stomach. do cardio on a fasted state.  it tells your body to burn stored energy.  this only happens when insulin is not present
  6. mistake is doing cardio pre-workout. this reduces your strength.  the biggest driver of metabolism is the amount of muscle you have.  muscle burns fat  cardio should be after lifting, not before
  7. mistake is overtraining with cardio. adaptation is not our friend.  if you do cardio every day, that becomes the new norm


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Repeat after me:

I want my workout to be HARD


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