I am thor, and thor is not addicted to food


The linked video is part 4 of the 12 components of food addiction, this one is called: SPONTANEOUS RECOVERY


Here are my notes:

  • get off the death train of the standard American culture of eating
  • we’re living in a time when it is normal to commit suicide with food
  • we get addicted to food as children, and it is killing us
  • its extreme to have your chest ripped open and have veins moved from your legs to your heart
  • its extreme to get diabetes
  • its extreme to get cancer
  • you can’t argue with an extreme food addict
  • knowledge is power, become an expert on how the food industry makes food hyper palatable
  • food is #1 abused drug in America, breaking the backbone of our nation
  • there is a hell week when you quit your addiction
  • you have greatness within you

spontaneous recovery

  • can be summed up like this: he that endures to the end will be saved
  • stay vigilant
  • the addicted part of our brain never gives up
  • every day is a battle that we have to win
  • the #1 impediment to losing weight is foolish pride
  • we don’t want to stand still and hear the truth
  • if you haven’t been able to keep the weight off for at least 3 years, humble yourself and learn from someone who has
  • Nathaniel eats one meal a day, a lot of food, and has recipes on his facebook page
  • for most of us, relaxation is eating ourselves to death
  • we only have so much will power, our job is to conserve it
  • do I get weary? yes!
  • do I fall? yes!
  • its not how many times you fall, its how many times you get back up!
  • what is your MUST?
  • the war never ends. make every second count
  • I can be healthy. I will be healthy.  I must be healthy


next episode will be about social normalcy


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


listen to the minister of wellness for the rest of the story

Repeat after me:

  • its not how many times you fall, its how many times you get back up!




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