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The Snake Diet Vs The Warrior Diet: A Comprehensive Analysis


Here are my notes:

  • the warrior diet was invented by an Israeli military dude, ori hofmekler
  • he noticed he performed better when he was fasted
  • the roman army ate this way
  • you under eat during the day
  • over eat at night
  • start with salad, then protein, then if you’re still hungry eat carbs
  • and you’re allowed to snack a little
  • yalla ate this way most of his adult life
  • limiting your eating frequency keeps you lean
  • compared to the snake diet, the warrior diet allows you to eat a bit during the day
  • the amount of time you spend fasting should make up for how much you’re snacking
  • the warrior book recommends working out in the evening before you eat the big meal
  • this is a good way to experiment and find out if you can cheat a little or find ways to get a better workout
  • just get started, and keep changing it up



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


watch Yalla for the rest of the story

Repeat after me:

limiting my eating frequency keeps me lean


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