Lustig’s “Sugar: the bitter truth”



The linked video is titled:

The Bottom Line on Processed Food Toxicity


Here are my notes:

  • For every 1 patient that Dr. Lustig helped, 10 more showed up at his door
  • Lustig likes fiber. it protects the liver and feeds the gut
  • real food does that, processed food doesn’t
  • 56% of the calories we eat are ultra processed
  • when you look at the money we pay for ultra processed food, 20% is for the actual food, 40% is marketing and 40% is profit
  • they’re made up of refined grains, sugar, and seed oil….all very dangerous
  • the six cellular pathways within the
  • cell that are associated with longevity
  • they are also the same six elyo pathways
  • of chronic disease they are glycation
  • oxidative stress inflammation
  • mitochondrial dysfunction insulin
  • resistance and membrane and stability
  • when you look at the actual metabolic
  • pathways of each of those
  • they aren’t druggable
  • they are only foodable
  • glucose causes insulin secretion
  • the insulin response causes
  • sugar overwhelms our system with both glucose and fructose
  • real food works for virtually everybody
  • remove processed food
  • processed food is stuffed with sugar, refined carbohydrates, and seed oils
  • just that switch, with nothing else, would have an enormous bang for the buck
  • blood sugar is not the same thing as dietary sugar
  • blood sugar is glucose
  • dietary sugar is glucose fructose
  • Dr Lustig talks about a study with a lower sugar diet, every health marker improved one of which was liver fat went down 22%, which helps with insulin resistance
  • sugar is toxic because there is so much fructose in there
  • that much fructose is killing us



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Repeat after me:

processed food is toxic

processed food is toxic



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