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today’s video part 5 of a 5 day video series titled:

supplements during your fast




Here are my notes:

Elliott highly suggests the following supplements while fasting

  • when you drink water, drink snake juice
  • cole has a very specific recipe for adding required electrolytes to the water you drink while fasting
  • that’s water with regular sodium salt, potassium, and optionally some baking soda and a pinch of magnesium
  • Elliott reduces his water to 3 liters a day while fasting


When you fast, your body gets nutrients from your body fat, so you don’t need other supplements, they are provided by your fat.


Elliott does think that some micronutrients could help during a work out, but there are trade-offs.


Elliott also has some non required supplements he says you could try.  he calls it micro-fasting:

  • amino acids help build muscle, but it probably breaks your fast
  • lucene helps building muscle, but increases mtor. so think about it
  • omega 3 fatty acides, they don’t increase insulin much
  • mct oil can give energy without raising insulin much
  • Elliott also suggests a product called man greens that may help with testerone and libido



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


watch Elliott for the rest of the story

Repeat after me:

for extended fasts, I need electrolytes



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