this is a great video titled:

6 Nutrition Studies Every Ketogenic Dieter Needs to Read


I won’t do it justice, but I’ll give you the highlights:


Mike Mutzel cites a study that found that a low calorie ketogenic diet did not reduce metabolic rate when people lost body fat


Ali Miller cites a 2 year study that found that the low carb group had more people complete the diet, had more steady blood sugars during the day, more got off diabetic drugs.


primal edge health cites a 100 year old study by Steffenson that ate an all meat diet.  He and Anderson could live on meat alone with nothing else


Amy Berger cites a paper that showed how to reduce and eliminate medication for people with type 2 diabetes by reducing sugar and starch.  often insulin injections have to be stopped on the first day of the diet


Dr. Darren Schmidt cites the Virta study for 400 people in ketosis over 12 months.  the first 10 weeks showed a1c drop significantly the first 10 weeks, but it kept dropping over the rest of the year.   with an average of 1.3% drop from an a1c of 7.6% to 6.3%


Siim Land cites a study for keto adapted people can burn fat even at high intensity workouts


Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.



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