warning, cole swears on his videos


The linked video is one of coles somewhat weekly Q&A sessions


Here are my notes:

  • first thing, lose the weight as fast as you can using 3 and 2 day fasts
  • then you start experimenting with one meal a day and lifting
  • depending on your goal, try to eat a way, when you’re on a bulk eat one way, on a cut, you eat a different way
  • you typically start out eating not a lot of types of food, then with when you’re finding out if you can add a certain food to your diet, slowly, and see what you get
  • the average weight of a woman in America is 176, that’s probably 50 pounds overweight
  • the average weight of men is 195, that’s probably 20 pounds overweight
  • lose the weight first, then get in the gym and add some muscle
  • you can do a slow cut, but cole recommends cutting as quickly as possible with 3 day fasts, then rebuild when you’re down
  • if the scale does not move while you’re fasting, its because you’re retaining water. get your sleep, don’t worry, trust it.
  • when you take a cold shower, stay in there until you start shivering
  • Cole suggest to try fasting before getting organs taken out of your body, the organ may recover. just stop eating
  • keep your eating as far from bedtime as possible, at least 6 hours before bed
  • whatever you do, start with a 72 hour fast, then get to where you need to be on 72 and 48 hour fasts. cut fast.  lose the weight in 3-4 months.  then rebuild, it’s more fun to pump iron when you can see the muscles. 1000 calorie refeeds.  drink the snake juice
  • just commit to losing the weight as fast as you can
  • post pictures to Coles facebook group
  • sometimes the routine you start with is tough and you have to re-adjust


Cole gets results.

  • Jordan lost 20 pounds on OMAD 100
  • JusDuckie lost 65 pounds in 4.5 months
  • tyler lost 20 pounds in a week
  • yoyo fasting is your fault, take accountability for your own actions



Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.


Repeat: just fast, you’re not gonna die


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