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20 benefits of OMAD besides weight loss


cdub lost 125 pounds by practicing omad

Here are my notes from his video:

  1. its so simple. eat one meal a day, no snacks
  2. cdub says sleep will improve
  3. energy levels will rise, because you lose weight and you exercise and more
  4. OMAD saves you money
  5. more time, less time shopping, prep, cooking, cleaning, eating
  6. healing
  7. think about food less often
  8. increase your focus
  9. diet freedom, omad works with everything. eat what you want, he recommends healthy whole foods
  10. OMAD improves discipline and will power
  11. it improves your digestive system
  12. it improves your immune system
  13. it reduces your hunger, especially after a few weeks of OMAD
  14. it reduces inflammation
  15. blood pressure gets better
  16. type 2 diabetes gets better, and insulin resistance gets better
  17. OMAD helps fix fatty liver
  18. it teaches your body how to burn fat
  19. OMAD teaches self discipline and provides a life balance
  20. OMAD helps to make our hormones get back in balance and work how their supposed to work




Let’s figure it out!  The Fasting Motivation podcast is not medical advice.

watch cdub for the rest of the story, bookmark it and watch cdub when you need a little motivation to stay consistent on OMAD



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